Marketing your music and growing your brand is like running a business.
You're the CEO of your own company and you're leading all departments, such as
 Strategy, Product Development, HR, Finance, Marketing, PR, Design, Communications, Live Gigs & Booking, etc.

It's easy to lose perspective. Aspiring artists have to think about millions of things all the time. In order to always make the smartest decision, you need to develop a disciplined approach and stay informed about current growth strategies.

Here's the good news: you can learn it!
Lay the foundation of your future success today.




We offer full-day workshops where you will learn the crucial tools of Growth Marketing and how to apply them to kickstart and accelerate the growth of your fanbase.

Marvin, our Head of Marketing, has a proven track record in Growth Marketing and has previously led the Growth Team at a high growth startup in Berlin and New York; helping it grow into a multi-million dollar business. His knowledge is the accumulation of over 10,000 hours of hands-on execution.

The workshops take place in our offices in Zurich or via Skype and are limited to 10 participants per workshop. We offer workshops in English, German or Spanish. 1-on-1 sessions are also possible.


You've recorded your EP, LP or album and you are currently thinking about how to release them?

Together we'll develop your release strategy and a promotion plan. You'll receive a hands-on release timeline with daily to-dos and goals so you know at any given point in time what the next steps are.

Give your new tracks the visibility they deserve and reach the next level in your career!


Are you working on what really matters? Marketing yourself effectively? Using the right tools? Tracking your KPIs accurately? Curating databases correctly? Managing your CRM productively? Pitching persuasively? etc.

We analyze the current state of your success and conduct a comprehensive and customized artist audit & assessment in order to provide you with a detailed and hands-on plan on how to level up.

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